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Investigating system

Our company has dealt with periodical investigation of cranes for several years. Based on our experience collected in practice we developed the investigation process below, which we hope can serve you as assistance to the orientation in the labyrinth of hoisting machines investigation. 
The present system was developed for periodical investigation of lifting devices according to MSZ (Hungarian Standard) 9721-1. On demand it can be altered for investigations of other type. 

The investigation method
Applying the opportunity of the modern technology the system provides a simple, rapid investigation and stultifies the manual data processing so assures acceptably secure and flexible investigation results.
Main attributes of the modern, bar code-based, digital data processing system

  • Bar code identification: Not only the equipment is identified by the bar codes, but the certain units get also codes. With this it can be assured that every unit goes under investigation.
  • Digital form: The investigation questions to the given equipment are prepared for the digital form, which can be modified according to the local endowment, regulation. The VDR system asks the questions one by one so it is excepted that the inspector does not pay attention to anything.
  • Data storage in computer: The system possesses all the advantage of electronic data storage: database with low size and in form with easy search option. This database can be saved to CD. With this possibility the results of the regular investigations can be documented for decades.
  • Immediate report: As a result of the on-line data transfer immediately after the investigation reports in excel form can be generated automatically. These reports store the investigated status in transparent form.
  • Modern data storage: The data storage in computer unburdens you not only from storage of heap of papers, but makes the result of the investigations transparent and easily searchable.


  • Opel Hungary Automobile Ltd. – Szentgotthárd: regular investigation of 180 lifting devices
  • Le Belier Hungary Shape Foundry Plc - Ajka
  • other ad hoc engagements

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