ITOWA hirdetés


The DARULINE Assembling and Supplying Ltd. possesses a wide range of business experiences and competitive professional competences in material-handling and solutions performed by cranes. Our operation is based on ISO: 2001 certificate acquired in 2003


  • design and assembly of cranes and crane runwaytracks
  • developing radio remote control system applications (distribution and installation of ITOWA products)
  • field-assembly and tests before start-up of runway power supply
  • survey for renewal
  • field-assemblies
  • renewal of domestic cranes
  • repair of crane runways
  • solution of custom materials hangling projects
  • production and field-assembly of custom steel structures

Our business and marketing philosophy:

  • personal contacts with our partners
  • reliability
  • advanced professional services
  • prompt reply

The partnership with DARULINE Ltd. enables the Operator to run his business smoothly while the DARULINE Ltd. solves his partners' tasks including crane applications.

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